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I, personally, DO NOT endorse or support the internal use or ingestion of pure essential oils. Soul Soothing Scents uses 100% pure unadulterated essential oils. Because of their concentration, these oils should not be used directly on skin unless blended in a carrier oil or base lotion. Seasonal conditions with crop availability and market conditions may cause price fluctuation. Prices are subject to change without prior warning or publication. Please keep all essential oils out of reach of children and pets. Store all essential oils out of direct sunlight and heat. Essential oils are highly evaporative, so always keep the caps tightly sealed. The optimal condition for oil storage is in a cool, dark environment. ESSENTIAL OILS DO NOT REPLACE TRADITIONAL MEDICINE!!! They are not intended to be used in the treatment of specific medical conditions. Health ailments should always be diagnosed and treated from a licensed health or medical practitioner.




FDA Warning:

Any and all statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the U.S. FDA (The United States Food And Drug Administration). Our Products are not intended for the diagnosis, curing, or prevention of any diseases or health conditions. If a condition persists, you should contact a physician or health care provider. Any provided information or documentation should not be construed or interpreted as medical advice. Personal stories and testimonials from individuals regarding any products or items sold on this site do not guarantee or imply similar results. 


Shipping and Returns:



We only ship to the continental United States. We will not ship products to P.O. Boxes.


Return Policy:

All Aromatherapy products are non-refundable. Once a product has been opened, it is unable to be resold for quality control reasons. We will, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ACCEPT A RETURN. All shipping costs are also non- refundable.


Samples will be available for sale at a later date.

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