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My entire life I was always intrigued by alternative health options. Throughout my time attending Youngstown State University, I enjoyed and visited yoga classes.  I noticed that I slept more soundly after practicing yoga and felt a deeper sense of well- being. Gradually,  I became more aware of what I was eating, choosing healthy natural foods and  what products I was using on my skin. I started reading and studying self- help books on aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, and the healing arts.  After the birth of my two sons, I decided to start taking training to heal my body and help me with anxiety. Soon after, I started to create aromatherapy products for myself. Other people began to compliment me when they smelled the aromas.  Folks started requesting if I could make blends for their use. This is how my journey began. I shared my oil blends with my yoga classes during relaxation. Many people enjoyed them and asked me to make them a bottle. I decided to attend an Aromatherapy Class offered by Jane Buckle in Cleveland, Ohio endorsed by NAHA. In 2004, I, along with a group of nurses, attended a 215 hour training to become certified in Therapeutic Essential Oils.  I hope to share with others the amazing gifts that nature provides us to nourish our skin and provide a deeper sense of relaxation.  Enjoy!   

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